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25 June
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Acadine - A fountain of Sicily, mentioned by Diodorus Siculus, with magic properties. Writings were thrown into it to be tested; if genuine they floated, if spurious the sank to the bottom. - from the Encyclopedia Mythica, the discerning dork's reference of choice for pretentious usernames.


Ack in a Nutshell:
ask because really
she does not seem to be a
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There is nothing little nor mini about Lucia, and she expects her biography to be written after she's dead.

Watch out, she bites.



I am Ack.

This is my journal for keeping track of fanfiction authors I read (mostly Harry Potter fandom), and my own fic (ditto). Also occasional pretentious literary wanking.

I once wrote a fic that had the Ourbourous from Xenogears molesting Severus Snape, in a deep and metaphysical way, and this really says all you need to know about me.

Most of what I write is either 0) pretentious, meta crap with a lot of external references, or 1) omnisexual smut (het, femslash, slash, m/m/f, f/f/m, tom/snakes, etc). Or both.

I have a webpage at arithmancy.net with most of my stuff on it.

I labor under the delusion that I am funny.

I am a big scary feminist bi-dyke. Rar. Feel my hairy-legged lesbian wrath, and stuff.

I have many axioms. If you don't agree with them, we probably should not talk about these subjects. Ever. It will only lead to ANGEST, PANE, HORER, and fandom_wank.

  • The female characters of the Harry Potter books, taken as a whole, are written no differently and are no less interesting than their male equivalents, if you sort them out by narrative importance.
  • Slash is not inherently feminist, gay-friendly, transgressive, and free from gender stereotypes. It's not inherently misogynist, homophobic, conservative, and a cypher for male/female stereotypes, either. It's just slash. If you think writing slash automatically makes you a GLBTQ ally, you are an idiot. You can be a GLBTQ ally if you write slash, but the two have no real logical connection.
  • All het is not all sexist, boring, romance-novel stereotypical crap.
  • Two men being tender with each other is not "more poignant and intimate than a man and a woman or two women, due to the social constraints against men being gentle with each other" - a paraphrase of many, many instances of this argument I have seen. If you believe this, please kill yourself honorably.
  • Fanfiction is not inherently and only occasionally political, and even when it is there's a word for crap like that: SLACKTIVISM. Deal with it. If you really think you are helping the world be more accepting of gay, lesbian, transgender and queer people because you write Harry and Draco fucking like bunnies, I just might cram all my receipts for donations to the HRC down your throat and choke you to death with them. Okay? Okay.
  • Adverbs are bad. Constant use of present tense is worse. Second person gets you fucked up the ass with sharpened sticks until you bleed to death.
  • Writing "meta" is not an excuse to write incoherent, stylistically convoluted crap.
  • I am a gigantic, dorky nerd, and so are you. I don't care if you're thirty and have three masters in various liberal arts disciplines and are working on your Ph.D. and have had several journal articles published, I don't care if you're forty and married and have a mortgage and three kids, I don't care if you're a goddamn Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America or a Member of Parliament or Fijian Ambassador to the UN, if you are in fandom YOU ARE A GIGANTIC DORK JUST LIKE THE REST OF US.
  • Yeah, teenaged fangirls are annoying and lame. But you know what's even more lame? Supposed uber-1337, highly-educated, upper-middle-class adults who give more than two flying fucks about them, and take great pains to enumerate differences between themselves and the aforementioned fangirls.
  • And you know what's even more lame and annoying than that? ME.

I am good. I have frogs.


On Friending:

I friend people randomly. It goes like this: I read something you write, either fic or intelligent commentary. I read some of your journal. If you're cool, I friend you. I don't necessarily expect you to friend me back in return; and, in fact, I make very few FO posts. So . Yeah. There you go. I won't freak out if you defriend me, either.

If you're on my friends' list and I haven't friended you, it's probably because the real life/other fandoms stuff to HP fandom junk ratio was a little too high. Nothing personal. I'm probably keeping an eye on you anyway, if you comment a lot.

Edit: Because people have asked, you really, really don't need to ask permission to friend me. Go right ahead, just please don't angst if I don't friend you back, or anything.


liuxia is my quasi-real-life journal. No, I don't expect you to be interested.


Normal consciousness will be resumed.
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